Dear friends AT LAST AT LAST….the Atlas has arrived…

I can hardly tell you how happy we are about its arriving at last, and how wonderful we think it is. And although it seems a little self-serving let us share with you some of the wonderful comments that we have received from those lucky enough to have seen it.

‘Awesome…we are oohing and aahing over the Yan-nhangu dictionary and atlas. It really is fantastic -It’s so beautifully produced and the illustrations are awesome. I just had to write and congratulate you on a magnificent and extraordinary achievement with the dictionary. You have set a benchmark that I feel will not be exceeded for many many years to come. I can’t imagine how you must all feel to finally be holding this book that has a lifetime of work within its’ covers…and how fortunate are we to have been gifted such a beautiful and important treasure!’

‘Absolutely amazing. Visually stimulating. Highly informative. A very important piece of Australian writing that captures an essential component of our society.’

‘The Atlas is a credit and it is good to know that such precious knowledge is being honoured and preserved. We have both enjoyed looking through it and imagining the people and places the book gives access to. ‘

It’s an astonishing work! Bravo! Yo manymak!

What a work of personal dedication, scholarship and collaboration, congratulations. This is a work that will not just stand the test of time but that will be historically important

‘This book is by far away the biggest and most beautiful book I’ve ever had. It’s a masterpiece…thank you again for the most wonderful book I’ve ever seen. As someone who’s dreamt of being a part of something like that, I’ve gotta say, you’ve really done an amazing job’

‘What can I say except what a magnificent job you have both done? It will forever stand as a monument to her and a beacon, I hope, for the generations to come. I know from the initial brief skim through the massive volume – it only arrived a half hour ago – that I will get endless pleasure from it.’

‘It’s an incredible production. I will look forward to reading it carefully and savouring the stunning images.’

‘— and it’s stupendous. Congratulations! I’ve been combing the dictionary for Makasar words and found some old friends and admiring all over again the Thomson photos. Being in the business of designing a few books, I can see the quality of that. One thing that I almost still find shocking — it’s so rare — is the naming of everybody in the photos! So thanks, and I’ll keep learning and enjoying. Please pass on my appreciation to everyone involved.’

‘It arrived this morning and it is a triumph – twenty years in the making & an instant classic – a truly great achievement ‘

‘the most beautiful book in the whole world, I sat down with it for on several occasions yesterday and will continue to do so over the coming days, months and years. It contains deep longevity through past, present and future. It’s HOLY love!’

Please forgive us those of you who will not receive a copy, it is with deep regret that we inform you that the government, philanthropic organisations and the public did not see the value of this work and refused repeatedly to support it over the twenty years of its evolution. The cost of its production, although exceedingly high, has been offset by the significance of the work, especially to a new generation of young Australians wishing to know and understand their place in their country. All copies have been accounted for and are on their way to recipients. You can find copies in some 330 libraries around Australia.

Donations over a thousand dollars to the Crocodile Islands Scholarship Fund will receive a copy of the Atlas.

Thank you and all the best Laurie Baymarrwangga.


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