Atlas Approaches Australia


Dear friends thank you for your support. The Atlas is on a ship bound for Australia as we speak. When it arrives we will begin the work of distribution. 36 homelands, seven schools, seven ranger programs and some three hundred and thirty libraries around Australia.

The Yan-nhaŋu Atlas and Illustrated Dictionary seeks to provide opportunities for new generations to know the language of place and walk in the footsteps of the ancestors. The generosity and vision of this project spring naturally from the wisdom of kinship and reciprocity that are at the heart indigenous relations to country.

In our Indigenous languages exists the knowledge of countless generations; the gifts of intimate coexistence with the land and sea; the precious knowledge of place that will enrich our lives and those of future generations.

Baymarrwaŋa shares with us the wisdom of kinship with place vital to a living future. For nearly a hundred years she has endeavoured to share this knowledge of kin and country, so that we may live more harmoniously with each other in our places.

Perhaps now more than ever, at a time when Indigenous people worldwide are struggling to save us from the destruction of our planet, we can see the value of her insight.

We thank you for the gift of your support so far. With your help I am planning to create a scholarship program for ten thousand dollars a year to facilitate further studies in the Crocodile Islands. I intend to raise this money with help from sponsors to focus on the biological and cultural diversity of this wonderful place in the world.




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