Wheel2Wheel meets Big Boss at Murrungga

NAILSMA and the Crocodile Islands feature in Wheel2Wheel adventure series on SBS – Sunday 24 February at 2.30 pm

Bringing together his desire for adventure and philanthropy, Morgan Parker embarked on the 25,000 km Wheel2Wheel motorbike adventure across 10 countries raising awareness for one important charitable organisation in each country – in Australia he chose to promote the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd (NAILSMA).

Graeme Sawyer, Joe Morrison, Morgan ParkerMorgan Parker, a successful corporate executive based in Hong Kong, took 125 days to reach Brisbane, his birthplace. He rode his motorbike through China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Timor-Leste before arriving back home in Australia where he received a warm welcome by Darwin’s Lord Mayor, met with NAILSMA CEO Joe Morrison and visited the remote Crocodile Islands off the Northern Territory’s Arnhem Land coast.

‘We feel extremely lucky, but honored to be one of the 10 charitable organisations portrayed in the Wheel2Wheel series and acknowledge individuals like Morgan who support our important work here in Australia,’ said Joe Morrison, CEO of NAILSMA.

‘The Wheel2Wheel expedition is a great idea to raise awareness for the work of these not-for-profit organisations’, said Mr Morrison, ‘and I think that all of the organisations featured deserve all the support they can get.’

Mr Morrison explained that NAILSMA has been working with Indigenous land and sea management groups across northern Australia for a decade, striving to find practical solutions to support Indigenous people manage their country for all future generations.

‘To achieve environmental, economic, social and cultural advancement in Australia we need to embrace Indigenous aspirations and concerns, support traditional knowledge and acknowledge the inherent cultural values and responsibilities relating to land and waters,’ said Mr Morrison.

During his visit to the beautiful CrocLaurie Baymarrwangaodile Islands, Morgan Parker got some firsthand information on Indigenous culture and how Indigenous people have been managing their country for millennia.

‘Meeting and talking with Indigenous land managers on Crocodile Island and learning from them about their lives is an unforgettable experience,’ said Morgan Parker, ‘and especially having the opportunity to meet the remarkable Laurie Baymarrwanga, Senior Australian of the Year 2012, who is a beacon of light for her people’s language and culture.’

‘I am delighted to share the experience of my life-changing charity adventure and hope it inspires others to support the amazing organisations featured in the series,’ said Mr Parker.

A special one hour feature showing Morgan Parker’s visit to the Crocodile Islands, the Top End and his journey to Brisbane via Uluru (Ayers Rock) will be broadcast on SBS One on 24 February 2013 at 2:30pm.

After the broadcast this feature and previous episodes can be viewed for a limited time on SBS on Demand http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand.

Further Information:
Read article on Laurie Bymarrwanga.
Watch video footage on the Crocodile Islands


Former Darwin Lord Mayor Graeme Sawyer, NAILSMA CEO Joe Morrison, Wheel2Wheel Philanthropist Morgan Parker
Laurie Baymarrwanga, Senior Traditional Owner and Australian of the Year 2012, and members of her community

Visit the NAILSMA website

Claudia.Luetjens@nailsma.org.au – Phone 08 8946 6564

W2W Logo
About Wheel2Wheel

Wheel2Wheel is an independent non-profit organisation created to undertake televised enduro-adventures that raise awareness of humanitarian issues and provide financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognised charitable organisations throughout Asia. All funds raised from expeditions are directed towards the nominated humanitarian causes and charitable organisations.
Visit the Wheel2Wheel website.
More about Morgan Parker

Morgan Parker, a successful corporate executive based in Hong Kong 
is a recognized, high profile figure in the Asian real estate industry. During his 15 years in the region with Morgan Stanley, Macquarie Bank, Lend Lease and most recently as President of US-listed retail developer Taubman Asia, his corporate achievements have propelled him to board positions with numerous industry bodies. 
Morgan’s philanthropic interests are born out of desire to find a more active and engaged approach to charity, combined with a personal goal of testing his limits in the name of humanity. He has committed himself to Wheel2Wheel’s first expedition by putting aside 3 years of his corporate life to prepare for and complete the enduro-adventure, then executive produce the ten episode documentary television series.


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